Small Part Shelving Installation

Small Part Shelving Installation for Agricultural Supplies Wholesaler

Have a look at this Shelving installation we completed for one of our customers based in Dublin. This customer got in touch as they required a shelving system for their Warehouse where they were running out on space.

This Second Hand shelving was the perfect solution for their business; The size and strength of this system meant they were able to create space and organise their stock with ease. This shelving system is ideal for any smaller, lighter items. The 300mm depth shelves allows room for stocking items without having to reach far back to get them. When combined with the 2.2m frames, the customer was able to create a shelving system that could easily be picked from. Each shelf has sufficient space between each shelf as well as helping utilize their height. Our Used Shelving systems help our customers get better value for their money by getting high quality, branded shelving at a reasonable price.

Does your business require a storage solution to help create space and organize stock?

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