Shelving Systems

We provide various different sizes and brands of shelving and there is something to suit everyone’s needs. Our shelving solutions are here to help every client with improving the productivity and functionality of their business and to also create more space within their warehouse.

We have 2 types of Shelving systems that we hold stock of in New and Used, these are; Small Part Shelving and Longspan Shelving systems. Both of these systems are perfect for any business that needs to fully utilize their space and organize their stock.


Small Part Shelving

Small Part Shelving is suitable for storing lighter items that are manually placed and picked. It is the ideal system for small hand loaded products. Our Small part shelving can be made to your exact requirement to suit the specific needs of your space.


Longspan Shelving

Our Longspan shelving systems are the optimal solution for manually storing products that are medium-sized and weight. The versatility, simple assembly, and resistance of our shelving means it is the perfect storage solution for general warehousing, industrial stores, workshops, and archives.