Within any business, all storing systems are a valuable asset and need to be looked after and checked in the appropriate way. In compliance with health and safety legislation, annual inspections are essential for any business.

Azil can provide SEMA racking inspections that will be approved for every client. This will include any areas that are damaged they will be highlighted, detailed record on all repairs that must be carried out, and a detailed inspection report.

Our inspection report will include the following:

  • In accordance with SEMA SARI reporting criteria a damage colour coded report will be given
  • Relevant action notes
  • Damage report recording all the damage by location
  • A summary by category will be given to identify the urgent issues
  • Prioritisation of remedial action
  • Any specific issues will be shown in the damage report and an in-depth report on the installation will be given
  • Red risk notices issued for serious defects
  • Comprehensive appendices will be provided
  • Guidance on best practice
  • Advice given on routine warehousing problems
  • Essential reference technical and material data

If you are seeking certified compliance with health and safety regulations for your pallet racking systems, then we can quote your business today simply fill in the form on our site.