Drive-In Racking

When dealing with large amounts of the same type of stock, Drive-In racking is ideal. This type of racking is ideal where using space efficiently is the main priority.

If you are storing big quantities of the same goods, drive in racking can free up nearly 90% of the floor space, compared to conventional pallet storage. Drive in racking creates efficiencies by reducing uploading and aisle loading time. Forklifts can enter the storage lanes of the drive-in racking to extract and deposit pallets. Operating aisles are eliminated in this system, which saves you an ideal amount of space. Goods that are fragile and that need to be stacked on top of each other this type of system is the perfect solution.

The retrieval and loading of pallets are easier from either side of the block depending on your available space and requirements. Drive in racking is particularly popular with cold store environments and refrigerated facilities as this system makes maximum use of space. Our installation team is on hand ready to set up the drive-in racking system for you.