Cantilever Racking Installation

Cantilever Racking Installation for Project Development & Construction Firm

This customer approached us as they required a Storage Solution for their yard for storing their building materials.

We set up a Site Visit and met up with this client at their own premises so that we could assess their own space and see what would be the best storage system for their business. Given the nature of their products, Cantilever Racking was the ideal solution. It not only creates plenty of space for storing items but it also allows easy access for lifting the products.

This New Cantilever System that we designed for this customer was exactly what they needed for the products they were looking to store in different sections of their yard. We designed the system with sections of single and double sided bays so that they could fully utilise their space as best they could. The 3.5m High Columns combined with the 1500mm arms creates the ideal storage solution for their products and helps get the most out of their space. As their system was going to be storing products outside, Galvanised Cantilever Racking was essential to ensure the longevity of this system.

Does this Cantilever Racking system look like a storage solution that your business could benefit from, book a free site visit today and find out what your options are.